Dieter Manstein, MD, PhD

Dieter Manstein, MD, PhD, completed his PhD in Physics, in addition to his dermatology residency training at the University of Munster in Germany. He then completed a Clinical Applications of Laser fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School with Dr. R. Rox Anderson. During this time, he co-invented both fractional photothermolysis (Fraxel) and cryolipolysis (CoolSculpting) technologies. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Dermatology at Harvard Medical School. He is also the PI of his own research lab at the Cutaneous Biology Research Center, which contributes to the development of novel solutions for important clinical problems in dermatology.

Posts by Dieter Manstein, MD, PhD

Tinted sunscreens: Benefits beyond an attractive glow

Tinted sunscreens offer all the benefits of traditional sun protection products, plus they have added pigments that give them the ability to block visible light, which can also be harmful to the skin.

The skinny on freezing fat

A noninvasive treatment to remove subcutaneous body fat involves the freezing of areas that leads to a reduction in the fat layer. It’s an option for people who have lost weight and are trying to get rid of stubborn remaining fat, but it is not a weight-loss treatment.