Stephen P. Wood, MS, ACNP-BC

Stephen P. Wood is a nurse practitioner for Lahey Health and works in the emergency department at Winchester Hospital and Lahey Medical Center. He is a fellow at the Harvard Medical School Center for Bioethics and a contributor for the Petrie-Flom Center blog Bill of Health. He is the chair of the Winchester Hospital Substance Use Task Force and a member of the ED Mental Health Working Group. He is co-chair of the Southern Middlesex County Mental Health Working Group. His focus is on harm reduction and access to care in the setting of substance use disorder and human trafficking. In his spare time, he is an amateur lobsterman.

Posts by Stephen P. Wood, MS, ACNP-BC

CPR: A neglected but important part of fighting the opioid crisis

Naloxone is an important tool in treating someone who has overdosed on opioids, but equally important is knowing CPR, which can keep blood flowing in a person who isn’t breathing until naloxone takes effect.

Prescription monitoring programs: Helpful or harmful?

Prescription monitoring programs are databases that keep track of prescriptions issued to individuals. While their intent is to identify drug misuse, a PMP may incorrectly flag certain people as misusing medications that they legitimately need.