Katherine Dudley, MD, MPH

Katherine Dudley MD, MPH, is the Ambulatory Director of the Mount Auburn Hospital Pulmonary Consultants, and an instructor at Harvard Medical School. Her clinical passion lies in sleep medicine, particularly improving care delivery to reduce sleep related health disparities. She has a research background focusing on sleep patterns among minority populations and racial differences in sleep apnea management.

Posts by Katherine Dudley, MD, MPH

Early birds may be more active, but night owls can catch up

Researchers measuring activity levels found that people who tend to go to bed later and sleep later also tend to get less physical activity, compared to early risers. However, these results don’t mean that being a night owl is the cause of getting less activity, or that such behavior can’t be changed.

Wearables and sleep: What can they really tell us?

Many people now wear smartwatches and other wrist-based devices, and use them to collect and track information about their sleep. But the algorithms that govern how the devices work are opaque, and there is no data comparing them to devices that sleep researchers use.

Weekend catch-up sleep won’t fix the effects of sleep deprivation on your waistline

Trying to make up for not getting enough sleep during the week by sleeping longer on weekends has been found to have negative effects such as weight gain, expending less energy, and increased calorie intake during evenings.