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Joseph Nowinski, Ph.D., is a nationally known clinical psychologist with more than 20 years' experience working with individuals and families. With psychologist Barbara Okun, he wrote Saying Goodbye, a 2011 book from Harvard Health Publishing. His next book for Harvard Health Publishing, Almost Alcoholic, written with Robert Doyle, M.D., will be published in April 2012.

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Drinking at work: not a healthy trend


Clinical Psychologist

Drinking in the workplace may be an emerging trend, but it isn’t necessarily a healthy one. Although drinking on the job may not be as widespread as portrayed on the hit TV show Mad Men, it is still with us. About 8% of full-time employees report having five or more drinks on five or more occasions a month, and one survey showed that 23% of upper-level managers reported drinking during work hours in the prior month. In the United States, excessive drinking costs $223 billion a year. Some of these costs are generated by the nearly 18 million Americans who are alcoholics or have alcohol-related problems. But some also comes from a nearly invisible group, “almost alcoholics.”