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Ask Doctor K

Doctor K. is Dr. Anthony L. Komaroff, Editor in Chief of the Family Health Guide and Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. Each day he answers reader's questions about a wide range of health concerns.

Could something other than aging or dementia be to blame for my fuzzy thinking?

What is astigmatism?

Is frozen produce less nutritious than fresh?

Could antidepressants help improve my thinking skills along with my mood?

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HEALTHbeat is a free, weekly email newsletter from Harvard Health Publications. Each issue offers tips for healthy living and advice from experts at Harvard Medical School.

6 things you should know about vitamin D

5 surprising benefits of walking

6 tips to help you keep a walking regimen on track

Two keys to strong bones: Calcium and Vitamin D

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Harvard Health Blog

Join the discussion between experts from Harvard Health Publications and folks like you on a variety of health topics, medical news, and views.

Less than 1 in 10 teens gets enough exercise: What this means for them and says about us

When do you really need antibiotics for that sinus infection?

The truth behind standing desks

Your best cycling days may still be ahead

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