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Ask Doctor K

Doctor K. is Dr. Anthony L. Komaroff, Editor in Chief of the Family Health Guide and Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. Each day he answers reader's questions about a wide range of health concerns.

Goodbye column

Will I be okay if I stop taking a PPI for my heartburn?

Can you address some of the most common myths about skin care?

Are there any good alternative to colonoscopy to screen for colon cancer?

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HEALTHbeat is a free, weekly email newsletter from Harvard Health Publications. Each issue offers tips for healthy living and advice from experts at Harvard Medical School.

Slowing bone loss with weight-bearing exercise

Power training: A complementary approach

Mediterranean-style: the healthy fats and healthy carbs diet

Building simple habits for healthy weight loss

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Harvard Health Blog

Join the discussion between experts from Harvard Health Publications and folks like you on a variety of health topics, medical news, and views.

Treadmills: Tips for using this versatile piece of exercise equipment

Why vaccines are important for our country’s financial health, too

Have kids, live longer?

Misophonia: When sounds really do make you “crazy”

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