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How well do you score on brain health?

Many efforts to improve health are also good for the brain. A study of nearly 400,000 people led researchers to develop a scorecard assessing 12 factors that contribute to the risk of dementia or stroke, making it easy to see where you're doing well and where you might do better.

Harvard study: Hot yoga may help ease depression

A 2023 study found that people with depression who attended at least one "hot" yoga session per week for eight weeks had significantly reduced depression symptoms, compared with people who did not perform hot yoga.

Mood boosters

Everyone goes through periods when they feel low, lethargic, or stressed. These episodes usually pass after a while, but if symptoms linger or begin to interfere with daily life, people should seek professional help. Otherwise, people can take several steps to boost their mood, such as exercising more, spending time outdoors, volunteering, meditating, and keeping a gratitude journal.

Greater amounts of abdominal fat may harm brain health

A 2023 study found a link between excess abdominal fat and lower brain volume, particularly in regions involved in thinking, memory, and performing everyday tasks.

Dialectical behavior therapy: What is it and who can it help?

Emotional dysregulation is a hallmark of many mental health conditions. A treatment known as dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) focuses on teaching people to manage intense emotions, cope with challenging situations, and improve their relationships.

A fresh look at risks for developing young-onset dementia

Young-onset dementia, which occurs in people younger than age 65, is uncommon. A new study has identified 15 factors linked to a higher risk of young-onset dementia.

Narcissistic personality disorder: Symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments

Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) can harm a person's physical and mental health and lead to problems in social and work relationships. Learn the symptoms and treatments for NPD.

Having a hobby tied to happiness and well-being

A 2023 study of 93,000 people ages 65 or older found that those who said they had hobbies reported having better health, more happiness, fewer depression symptoms, and higher life satisfaction, compared with those who said they didn't have hobbies.

Should you order your own Alzheimer's test?

For the first time, consumers can order a blood screening for Alzheimer's disease. The screening looks for two types of brain proteins, one of which is associated with Alzheimer's. Doctors have concerns about the screening: it's not FDA-approved, there's little information about its accuracy, and it can take a few days to speak with a doctor about the results. By comparison, an official Alzheimer's diagnosis involves a comprehensive evaluation of someone's current and past health problems, physical and neurological exams, family history, blood tests to rule out hidden conditions that might be causing memory problems (such as vitamin B12 deficiency), and imaging tests.

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