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Certain exercises may offer effective treatment for depression

In a 2024 study, researchers found the most effective exercises for treating depression were walking, running, yoga, strength training, and dancing. When exercise was combined with talk therapy, then yoga, tai chi, and aerobic exercise stood out.

More evidence suggests multivitamins slow cognitive decline

A 2024 randomized controlled trial provides more evidence that taking a daily multivitamin pill offers protection against cognitive decline. The study involved more than 5,000 people (ages 60 or older). Some took a daily multivitamin pill. Others took a placebo. After two years and tests measuring cognitive ability before and after the study period, people who took the vitamins showed slower cognitive decline than people who took a placebo. This was seen consistently in all groups of people.

How — and why — to fit more fiber and fermented food into your meals

A healthy diet is key to a healthy gut microbiome, which helps the immune system function well and reduces chronic inflammation among other important tasks. And increasing evidence suggests that fiber and fermented foods can play important roles in gut health.

Co-regulation: Helping children and teens navigate big emotions

Co-regulation is a process in which caregivers can help young people learn better ways to regulate their emotions during the inevitable upsets and challenges of life. But before a caregiver can help a child, they need to understand their own emotional skills and limitations. 

How to recognize the signs of mental health issues

A 2023 study showed that about 50% of people will develop at least one mental disorder by age 75. Older adults are vulnerable to mental disorders because they are exposed to many life-changing and traumatic events like health issues, the death of loved ones, and physical limitations. Among men, the most common disorders were depression, phobias, and alcohol use disorder. Identifying the signs and symptoms of these disorders can help men seek appropriate medical treatment.

Too much TV might be bad for your brain

A 2023 study suggests excessive TV-watching, defined as four or more hours a day, is associated with higher risk of developing brain-based disorders such as dementia, depression, and Parkinson's disease.

Not just good for the soul

Forgiveness is defined by replacing ill will toward an offender with goodwill. A 2023 study suggests forgiveness boosts mental health by reducing depression and anxiety levels. Other evidence suggests physical benefits as well. Studies indicate forgiveness also eases stress, improves sleep, and lowers blood pressure and heart rate. Being unable to forgive can raise blood pressure, which can affect overall heart health. Some people are innately better at forgiving, but Harvard experts say all people can learn skills that help them forgive.

Does sleeping with an eye mask improve learning and alertness?

Our internal clocks regulate the sleep-wake cycle, and light establishes when we should feel wakeful or sleepy. Light exposure at night affects these natural processes, so researchers studied whether wearing an eye mask while sleeping might help learning and alertness.

How well do you score on brain health?

Many efforts to improve health are also good for the brain. A study of nearly 400,000 people led researchers to develop a scorecard assessing 12 factors that contribute to the risk of dementia or stroke, making it easy to see where you're doing well and where you might do better.

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