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Does hypnosis work?

Hypnosis is actually an approved treatment for the relief of pain and anxiety. Dr. Michael Miller tells more about this form of psychotherapy and what to look for should you decide to try it.

Memory problems at a young age

What do you do when it seems you're already experiencing memory problems and you aren't even middle aged yet? Dr. Michael Miller says  you need to relax — literally. Watch to find out what else could be wreaking havoc on your memory.

The importance of family routine

According to Dr. Paula Rauch, predictability and family routine trumps new and exciting when it comes to raising children. Learn more about what she means in this informative video.

Long-term effects of concussions

Sustaining a concussion as a child playing contact sports today doesn't necessarily mean problems tomorrow, but how many is too many? Dr. Michael Miller is here to address the potential long-term effects of concussions. Watch as he shares what you can do if you think you are experiencing symptoms.

Raising happy children

A happy child is the goal of many parents, but when trying to make your child happy crosses the line into overprotectiveness, the end result could be detrimental. Dr. Paula Rauch offers advice on not just raising happy children, but confident ones as well.

Controlling a temper

It's a daily thing to see people get angry about what appear to be small things. You might even find your own temper flaring up pretty often. If you or someone you know needs help controlling a temper, Dr. Michael Miller may have the help you're looking for.

Teen brain development

Teen-agers can be frustrating. It's not always easy to understand why they do what they do and sometimes they don't even know. But don't worry. Dr. Michael Miller is here to explain the development process of the teen brain to put your mind at ease.

Telepsychiatry: Is therapy by phone the wave of the future?

Telepsychiatry is a growing trend. Being able to get therapy by phone opens up the availabilty of this forrm of treatment to the many people who seek it. Dr. Michael Miller talks more about it in this helpful video.

Teen steroid use

Teen steroid use can have major consequesnces, so parents should be very concerned if they suspect their teen of using performance enhancing drugs. Dr. Larry Higgins gives the stats and the symptoms you should know.

Am I drinking too much?

Even though you are trying to follow medical recommendations for alcohol consumption, is it possible you might be drinking too much? Dr. Anthony Komaroff explains how two or three glasses of wine may actually be more than you think.

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