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Take on chronic pain where it lives

Published July 1, 2021
Chronic pain conditions are common in older adults. Managing pain at home can be as important as working with a doctor. There are numerous options for at-home pain management, including online workout programs, cognitive behavioral therapy programs, online support groups, and apps. Recognizing that you can take steps to decrease chronic pain is crucial to success.

Is my kidney causing my back pain?

Published July 1, 2021
People commonly think back pain comes from the kidney, but it’s more likely due to a muscle- or spine-related problem. When pain is related to the kidney, the pain is higher up in the back, and the symptoms are different, such as a fever and waves of intense pain rather than a steady ache.

Careful! Scary health news can be harmful to your health

Published June 17, 2021
A news story about a worrisome or life-threatening ailment might get you thinking about your own health, especially if you happen to have some of the same symptoms. But dramatic or unusual medical stories can bias your thinking and even negatively affect your health decision-making.

Need physical therapy? 3 key questions your PT will ask

Published June 7, 2021
Physical therapy can be helpful if you have an injury or a condition that affects mobility or is causing pain. But before you embark on a course of treatment, your physical therapist will ask crucial questions that will help shape your program.

Are antidepressants also pain relievers?

Published April 16, 2021

Antidepressant medications are frequently prescribed for chronic pain, particularly neck or low back pain and certain types of arthritis — though other treatments are usually tried first. An analysis of past research considered how effective antidepressants are for these types of pain, but the results are not encouraging.

Try this move for better core strength

Updated February 1, 2021

Build stronger torso and pelvic muscles by holding a plank.

Adopting small changes over time can add up to better health in the long term. Focus on building your core strength by adding one simple exercise to your weekly exercise plan — the plank.

The plank position, which looks like the high part of a push-up, works your core muscles, which are the major muscles in the area that connects your upper and lower body. These include the abdominal muscles and those in the back, sides, hips, and buttocks. The core also encompasses the muscles in your pelvis, including those that help support your bladder, uterus, and other internal organs.

Are early detection and treatment always best?

Published January 28, 2021

The culture of American medicine has long believed and supported the idea that more early detection and treatment is best. But some testing is costly, invasive and carries needless risks, and some conditions go away on their own. Early detection and treatment can be lifesaving — just not for every health issue.

CBD for chronic pain: The science doesn’t match the marketing

Published September 23, 2020

CBD, a non-psychoactive component in cannabis, is emerging as a promising pharmaceutical agent to treat pain and other conditions. Unfortunately, few studies in humans have examined its effectiveness, and the cannabis industry’s profit motive is driving a wave of dubious claims about what CBD can do.

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