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5 trends in cardiology to watch

Harvard Medical School professor Dr. Eugene Braunwald, known as "the father of modern cardiology," identified five promising future trends in cardiology. They include (1) using polygenic risk scores in newborns for early prevention of heart disease; (2) the emergence of a battery of drugs to treat inflammation; (3) improvements in cardiac cell therapy for repairing damaged hearts; (4) the development of smaller, more powerful, and less expensive left ventricular assist devices; and (5) transplanting genetically modified pig hearts into humans.

Holiday joy can bring painful joint inflammation

Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and feasting on foods high in natural compounds called purines may trigger gout in some people. Purine-rich foods that might be found on a holiday buffet include roast beef, brisket, lamb or pork chops, veal, chicken liver, turkey, trout, haddock, scallops, oysters, mussels, lobster, shrimp, or crab. While it's not necessary to completely shun alcohol and foods high in purines, doctors advise limiting them and sticking to a plant-based diet when possible, even during the holidays.

Which skin creams are most effective for eczema?

A common form of eczema called atopic dermatitis can interfere with daily activities. There are a number of prescription creams available to ease this chronic skin condition, but some are more effective than others, and a recent study compared them.

Higher BMI associated with greater odds of joint disease

A higher body mass index (BMI) is a major risk factor for osteoarthritis, but a 2023 study suggests it is also associated with inflammatory joint conditions including rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, gout, and inflammatory spondylitis.

Living with gout

Adopting healthy self-management strategies that focus on a healthy diet, physical activity, and achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, can improve the quality of life of people with gout. Many of these same strategies can help reduce the risk of developing gout to begin with.

Treatments for Gout

First-line gout treatment focuses on reducing pain and inflammation. Ideally, treatment should begin within 24 hours of the start of the gout attack. Treatment is stopped once the attack is over, and symptoms have gone away.

Gout: Overview and Symptoms

Gout is a painful but common type of inflammatory arthritis. It's caused by the crystallization of uric acid within the joints.

Short on slumber

Most adults need seven to nine hours of sleep each night, but more than one-third consistently sleep fewer than seven. Reasons for poor sleep include pregnancy, menopausal night sweats, medication use, sleep disorders, and various illnesses. Sleep deprivation can raise the risks for such conditions as diabetes, certain cancers, obesity, dementia, depression, and heart disease. To promote sounder sleep, people can keep consistent sleep-wake schedules, reduce intake of caffeine and alcohol, and avoid using electronic devices before bed.

Does inflammation contribute to infertility?

Infertility affects millions of people worldwide. Chronic inflammation has been linked to many health conditions and some research suggests it might be a contributing factor for some cases of infertility. And if true, would an anti-inflammatory diet or lifestyle boost fertility?

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