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Cardiorespiratory fitness may protect men from some cancers

According to a 2023 observational study, greater cardiorespiratory fitness in men was linked to a lower risk of death from colon, lung, or prostate cancer.

The new RSV shot for babies: What parents need to know

RSV is a common virus that just causes cold symptoms for most people. But for infants up to eight months, and for babies and young children with certain health problems, it can be very dangerous. A new immune-boosting shot may help.

When high blood pressure affects the lungs

Pulmonary hypertension—a serious illness that affects the lungs and heart—has many possible causes, including a range of diseases and underlying conditions, as well genetic mutations and exposure to certain drugs. It is challenging to diagnose and treat, but a novel experimental drug that targets one form of the disease appears promising. The drug, called sotatercept, targets one of the dysregulated pathways that causes pulmonary arterial hypertension—one specific form of the disease.

Wildfires: How to cope when smoke affects air quality and health

Wildfire smoke contributes greatly to poor air quality, and as wildfires become more frequent due to climate change and drier conditions, more of us and more of our communities are at risk for health harms.

Did COVID cause my shortness of breath?

While shortness of breath can be caused by several ailments, the most common are a lung issue, a heart problem, anemia (low red blood cell count), or deconditioning. Even if the cause remains unclear, a doctor can create a treatment plan to improve symptoms.

Is snuff really safer than smoking?

The FDA authorized a brand of smokeless tobacco to use language in its advertising claiming that using snuff reduces risk of lung cancer compared to smoking cigarettes. Technically this is true, but it's not the health advantage the product's maker would like consumers to think it is.

A breath-robbing disease that's hard on the heart

About one in eight adults over age 45 has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). COPD refers to several lung-damaging conditions, particularly emphysema and chronic bronchitis, that cause coughing and breathlessness. But many people don't know much about COPD, which is largely caused by cigarette smoking and may be mistaken for heart disease. Anyone with symptoms of COPD should be evaluated by a physician. People who have heart disease who have ever smoked or lived with a smoker should be tested for COPD.

Eating disorders in midlife

By age 40, one in five women has dealt with an eating disorder, twice the proportion of women known to be affected by age 21. Risks for anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating can rise at midlife due to job stressors, an empty nest, and dating again after divorce or widowhood. Health effects can include bone loss, heart problems, lung conditions, gastrointestinal issues, diabetes, and skin breakdown. Signs of an eating disorder include dramatic weight fluctuations, excessive exercising, and preoccupation with weight, calories, and body size and shape.

Respiratory health harms often follow flooding: Taking these steps can help

Flooding due to major storms or heavy rains can harm lung health, both from toxic contaminants that end up in the air and from the growth of mold caused by dampness. Taking steps to prevent flooding when possible and moving quickly to reduce health risks if flooding occurs can help protect your family's health.

The latest in cancer treatments

Groundbreaking cancer treatments continuously emerge from labs and research trials. Three Harvard oncologists share what stands out in their respective fields of prostate, lung, and colon cancer, the most common cancers among men. Examples include greater roles for immunotherapy, targeted therapy, and intensive hormonal treatments.

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