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A rocky childhood could be bad for your heart

Traumatic childhood experiences may harm heart health later in life. Research shows that adults who experienced multiple adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) such as neglect; physical, sexual or emotional abuse; or witnessing violence at home had double the risk of cardiovascular… (Locked) More »

Bleeding gums? You may need more vitamin C

Bleeding gums may be a sign of insufficient vitamin C in a person’s diet. People can reach the recommended daily intake of 90 milligrams (mg) by eating more vitamin C–rich foods, such as kale, oranges, peppers, and kiwis, or by… More »

Step up your walking workouts

Walking can improve cardiovascular health, strengthen the immune system, and help manage weight. Yet it’s easy to make walks too passive. To provide the full benefits of walking, workouts need to pose a challenge and be tailored to meet specific… More »

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