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The worst habits for your brain

Many habits can contribute to poor brain health, but four areas can have the most influence. They are the four S’s: sitting, socializing, sleep, and stress. Research has found that poor habits in these areas can affect cognitive skills like memory, learning, and problem solving, and are linked to a higher risk of cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease. Adopting simple lifestyle changes may help.

Pool therapy beats physical therapy for chronic low back pain

A small, randomized trial published online Jan. 3, 2022, by JAMA Network Open suggests that aquatic or pool therapy is more effective at reducing chronic low back pain than physical therapy.

"Vitamin M" — is melatonin the cure for your sleep problems?

The CDC estimates that 70 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep problems. For some, melatonin is believed to be a safe treatment option because it is a hormone produced by our bodies. But evidence of its effectiveness is lacking, and inconsistent quality of product is a concern.

Addressing poor sleep may help heart health

Growing evidence suggests that poor sleep is linked to a host of health problems, including a higher risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. Now, a recent study on people in midlife finds that having a combination of sleep problems may nearly triple a person's risk of heart disease.

Do allergies make snoring worse?

Allergies that cause nasal congestion, sneezing, and a runny nose (what doctors call allergic rhinitis) can cause more frequent and louder snoring. Treating allergic rhinitis can reduce snoring and other symptoms related to poor-quality sleep.

Treating insomnia may head off depression

Treating insomnia with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT-I) may reduce the risk of depression in older adults. CBT-I seeks to modify thoughts and habits to improve sleep. It outperformed a more traditional insomnia treatment, sleep education therapy (SET), which seeks to change environmental factors and behaviors that contribute to poor sleep.

Harvard study: Fish oil doesn’t prevent depression

A large, randomized Harvard study published online Dec. 21, 2021, by JAMA found that taking fish oil supplements didn’t prevent depression in otherwise healthy older adults.

Can we prevent depression in older adults by treating insomnia?

Depression is common among older adults, and insomnia doubles the risk of major depressive disorder. There is increasing evidence that treating insomnia in older people who have both insomnia and major depression has the potential to improve both their sleep and their mood.

Dragging your feet? You may need to catch up on sleep

Getting adequate sleep may help improve a person’s gait, and catching up on short sleep may help people avoid walking problems usually caused by fatigue.

Shield your brain from decline

The acronym SHIELD sums up the habits that may help ward off cognitive decline. SHIELD stands for sleeping at least seven hours per night, handling stress, interacting with friends, exercising daily, learning new things, and eating a healthy diet. Ideally, one should incorporate all of these healthy lifestyle habits into each day. If that feels overwhelming, doctors advise focusing on a different healthy habit per day, until it’s possible to practice all of the habits every day.

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