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Surprising causes of neck pain

Neck pain is often the result of strained neck muscles that become irritated from everyday activities. Examples include watching TV for hours at a time, sleeping without enough neck support, slouching, looking down at a smartphone for long periods, lifting heavy dumbbells, or getting stressed out. Ways to avoid such neck pain include using pillows to better support the neck on a couch or in bed, sitting up straighter, keeping electronic screens at eye level, lifting weights that aren't too heavy, and practicing stress management.

Time for a new knee? Ask these questions first

It's important to ask many questions before getting a knee replacement. Suggestions include asking about a surgeon's background, the type of prosthetic that will be used, the surgical approach the doctor will take, how to prepare physically before surgery, how to prepare one's home for recovery, how long the hospital stay will last, how much pain the knee replacement will cause, what rehabilitation after surgery will entail, how long recovery will last, how long it will be until one can resume activity, and how long the new knee will last.

The pain gap

Chronic pain is more common in women, who cope with conditions such as arthritis, migraine headaches, lupus, and fibromyalgia at higher rates than men do. Some research suggests the hormone estrogen could contribute to the disparity. Women should feel free to seek a second opinion or referral to a pain specialist if the current plan is not working. They should also be receptive to different treatment approaches, seek support, and make lifestyle changes that can help them manage pain, such as getting adequate sleep and exercising.

Gout Diagnosis

If you experience gout symptoms, it's important to visit a doctor to get a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Causes of gout

There are three main causes of high levels of uric acid that can lead to gout.

Gout: Overview and Symptoms

Gout is a painful but common type of inflammatory arthritis. It's caused by the crystallization of uric acid within the joints.

Which antidepressants are best for treating chronic pain?

Antidepressants are used to treat chronic pain even in people who do not have depression. A 2023 study found that serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors were the most effective and treated the largest number of pain conditions.

Can cannabis help relieve pain?

A growing number of adults ages 65 and older are turning to cannabis to treat and manage their pain. While many individuals endorse its effectiveness and some studies have supported its use for pain management, the science is still inconclusive. Doctors can’t prescribe cannabis like conventional medications, but in many states, they can recommend its use for certain conditions, including pain.

Exercising with a flare-up of knee arthritis

Staying active when knee osteoarthritis flares helps the joint stay flexible. But activity should be modified to take pressure off the knee. That could mean walking instead of running, or playing pickleball instead of tennis. Other activities that are easy on the joint include riding a stationary bike, using an elliptical machine, practicing yoga, swimming, walking pain-free distances on flat terrain, doing upper body strength training, or core strengthening. Warming up before activity helps to loosen stiff knee joints.

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