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Ban on harmful pesticide: What parents need to know

After two decades of concern, and mounting evidence of its harm to young children, the FDA has banned the pesticide chlorpyrifos from use on food. But it's important to remember that chemicals are everywhere, and there are other steps all parents should take to protect their children from exposure to potentially harmful products and substances.

How many fruits and vegetables do we really need?

Research published online March 1, 2021, by the journal Circulation suggests that eating five servings of fruits and vegetables per day is associated with lower risks of many health conditions and even premature death, compared with eating two servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Researchers believe this could be because fruits and vegetables are major sources of nutrients linked to good health, including potassium, magnesium, fiber, and polyphenols. The most effective combination of fruits and vegetables appears to be two servings of fruits plus three servings of vegetables per day.

Food shortcuts for busy nights

On busy nights, a quick, healthy dinner can be pulled together from convenience items from the local grocery store.  Precooked protein, vegetarian foods from the freezer section, and quick-cooking seafood and grains are some options to try.  The best options are those without added sauces, and that are low in sodium and added sugar. Choose unseasoned options whenever possible, and season food at home to avoid unwanted additions.

Heart disease risk: Partnering on lifestyle change can help

For people who have risk factors for heart disease, it's important to make lifestyle changes like losing weight, getting more exercise, and eating a healthier diet. Longstanding habits are hard to change, but managing the challenge of healthy eating is easier if people have a partner who is supportive and involved in making food choices.

Vegan and paleo: Pluses and minuses to watch

Strict vegan and paleo eating patterns seem to be at opposite ends of the diet spectrum. Both can offer health benefits, though it's wise to understand the nutritional gaps left by each approach due to excluded food groups and consider five principles that will make any eating plan you choose nutritionally sound.

Drinking sugary beverages associated with colon cancer risk

Drinking two or more sugary drinks a day appeared to more than double the risk of colorectal cancer in women.

Can you recommend strategies to help me manage my posterior vaginal prolapse?

Lifestyle changes, such as adding fiber to the diet and increasing water intake, can help minimize symptoms caused by a specific type of pelvic organ prolapse called rectocele, where the rectum bulges into the vagina.

I recently became vegan. Should I be concerned about iron-deficiency anemia?

Vegetarians can ensure they are getting enough iron in their diets by eating iron-rich foods such as beans, tofu, and dark leafy greens.

Can a daily scoop of collagen powder really improve your skin?

Manufacturers tout collagen supplements as a way to improve signs of skin aging and skin quality. There is some research that shows they may bring skin benefits, reducing wrinkles, speeding wound healing, and improving skin hydration and elasticity. But because supplements aren’t regulated, quality may be highly variable. While collagen supplements are believed to be safe, there aren’t any long-term safety studies to date.

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