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Eating high-quality carbohydrates may stave off middle-age weight gain

A 2023 study suggests that avoiding low-quality carbohydrates such as refined grains, sugar-sweetened drinks, and starchy vegetables may help middle-aged adults avoid weight gain.

How to shop for healthier foods

Men's diets should include plenty of whole foods like fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains, while avoiding high amounts of processed foods. However, men should be mindful about reading food labels when shopping to ensure they get more of the healthiest nutrients and much less of certain substances. In particular, men should focus on adding more fiber and decreasing their intake of sodium and added sugar.

Are you eating enough protein?

Strength training and protein are two ways to combat age-related muscle loss, known as sarcopenia. Muscles need protein to help fuel new growth and maintain mass. However, many aging men don't consume enough protein and may need more than the usual recommended daily intake. To get more protein, men can start by tracking their daily protein consumption and then making dietary adjustments, such as choosing high-quality protein foods, spreading protein across daily meals, and using protein powders as needed.

Chia seed benefits: What you need to know

Packed with fiber, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants, tiny chia seeds pack a nutritional punch. Learn more about their health benefits and how you can easily incorporate chia seeds into a range of foods for a nutritious boost. 

Prebiotics in plant-based foods may help control unhealthy eating

A 2023 study suggests eating more prebiotics—compounds found in plant fiber that nourish healthy bacteria in the gut—may affect the brain's reward network in a way that helps people make healthier food choices.

How healthy is sugar alcohol?

Food products advertised as being lower in sugar or sugar-free contain sugar substitutes. Sugar alcohol is another ingredient used as a sweetener in food products. But is sugar alcohol a better choice nutritionally than other sweeteners or natural sugar?

Do toddler formulas deliver on nutrition claims?

Formula companies claim that toddler formulas, also known as "follow-up formulas," "transition formulas," or "growing-up milks" offer nutritional benefits to toddlers. But are these products necessary and healthy?

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