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Fatty liver disease: A threat to the heart?

A buildup of fat inside the liver, known as nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) affects about 25% of adults. This under-recognized condition is closely linked to obesity (especially excess weight around the middle of the body), type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. People with NAFLD can slow or even reverse the condition with the same lifestyle strategies that improve cardiovascular health: losing weight, adopting a healthy diet, and exercising regularly.

Pregnancy problems may foretell future heart disease

Women who develop health problems such as high blood pressure or diabetes while pregnant face an increased risk of heart disease later in life.

What's the relationship between diabetes and dementia?

It has been known for many years that type 2 diabetes increases a person's risk for stroke and heart disease, and more recent studies have shown that diabetes also increases risk of dementia. But new research examined the association between when a person first is diagnosed with diabetes and their risk of developing dementia later.

Which disease starts first?

Among atherosclerosis, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes, which are all related, cholesterol deposits start first.

Baby, it's cold inside

Some older adults feel cold frequently. This may result from age-related physical changes or an underlying condition. Examples of underlying conditions that might make a person feel cold include anemia, an underactive thyroid, diabetic neuropathy, peripheral artery disease, or Raynaud's phenomenon. People who experience coldness that interferes with their daily activities or sleep should talk to a doctor about it.

5 important blood tests beyond the basics

Five blood tests beyond basic blood work may be worth pursuing for older adults. For example, a test to determine one’s vitamin B12 level might be helpful, since older adults sometimes have trouble absorbing that vitamin. Likewise, older adults have less ability to absorb sunlight through the skin, which may lead to less production of vitamin D. Other blood tests to consider include those for HIV or hepatitis C infection, and a test to measure fasting blood sugar.

Advice about daily aspirin

The heart-protecting benefits of a daily low-dose aspirin have to be weighed against the risk of bleeding, a common side effect that is usually minor but sometimes serious. The calculation depends on age and whether a person has cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or a condition that raises risk of bleeding.

High-glycemic diets could lead to big health problems

A diet consisting primarily of foods high on the glycemic index—those with high amounts of quickly digestible carbohydrates—can increase a person’s risk of cardiovascular disease and early death, suggests a study that looked at almost 138,000 people around the world.

Prediabetes diagnosis as an older adult: What does it really mean?

Prediabetes often precedes the development of type 2 diabetes, and in young and middle-aged people it's important to identify prediabetes because it may be possible to prevent or delay the development of diabetes. Researchers wanted to know if the implications of being diagnosed with prediabetes are similar for older adults.

Is blood sugar monitoring without diabetes worthwhile?

Implantable blood sugar monitoring devices known as CGMs have revolutionized care for millions of people with diabetes. Now several companies are marketing them for people without diabetes to monitor blood sugar levels –– but is there any evidence for health benefits?

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