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Ask the doctor: Reversing atherosclerosis?

Some people may be able to reverse the buildup of plaque inside their heart’s arteries by taking high-dose cholesterol-lowering drugs or by following a strict, plant-based diet combined with exercise and stress reduction.  (Locked) More »

Blood pressure: Can it be too low?

Blood pressure readings of 140/80 mm Hg and higher can increase a person’s risk of heart attack and stroke. But a blood pressure that drops to 120/70 mm Hg or lower because of medications may also be dangerous. This phenomenon… More »

The A list of B12 foods

It’s common for older people to have some level of vitamin B12 deficiency. This might stem not only from a poor diet, but also from age-related reduction in stomach acid, which the body needs in order to absorb B12 from… (Locked) More »

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