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Appropriate use of testosterone therapy does not appear to raise prostate cancer risk

A 2023 study confirms prior research showing that men with low testosterone levels who use testosterone replacement therapy for 14 months are not at a higher risk for prostate cancer over the following several years.

Seeking help for orgasm problems

Two sexual issues that many men encounter with age are anorgasmia (trouble achieving an orgasm during sex) and delayed orgasm (in which it takes longer than 30 minutes to achieve an orgasm and ejaculate). While these conditions can be stressful, they don't have to interfere with a man's sex life, as there are many ways to manage them. Strategies include sex therapy, testosterone therapy, medication, changing sexual positions, using sex devices, and managing alcohol intake.

What complications can occur after prostate cancer surgery?

Minimally invasive surgery to remove the prostate gland is generally very well tolerated, but there can be complications, as in the case of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin earlier this year. A Harvard-affiliated urologist answers questions about the possibility of such complications.

Aerobic activity may work as well as medication for helping erectile dysfunction

A 2023 study found that men who exercised for 30 to 60 minutes three to five times a week saw more improvement in mild or moderate erectile dysfunction (ED) compared with men who did not exercise. The improvement was similar to that provided by common ED drugs.

New research shows little risk of infection from prostate biopsies

Infections after a prostate biopsy are rare, but they do occur. There are two ways to perform such a biopsy, with the one at higher risk of infection more common in the US. Researchers conducted a trial designed to compare the safety of the two methods.

Overcoming bedroom barriers

Older couples face many challenges as they age that can affect intimacy, including health issues, physical changes, and fluctuations in desire. These can lead to common problems like being stuck in a sexual rut, feeling out of sync, and dealing with low energy. But with communication, planning, and creativity, partners can continue to enjoy a satisfying sexual relationship.

Beyond the usual suspects for healthy resolutions

By now many people have started working on –– or at least thinking about –– healthy changes they want to make in the new year. Here are 10 simple ways to move beyond typical resolutions about losing weight, eating better, and exercising more.

Could men with advanced prostate cancer avoid chemotherapy?

Men with advanced prostate cancer are typically treated with hormonal treatments followed by chemotherapy, but a recent study evaluated the potential of a treatment that uses radioactive particles injected into the body.

After prostate cancer treatment, a new standard of care for rising PSA

When prostate cancer recurs after initial treatment, doctors typically treat it with hormonal therapies. But results from a large clinical trial show that a different medication (or combination of two medications) is a better approach.

Several factors may cause testosterone levels to drop

A 2023 analysis suggests that men older than age 70 can fight declining testosterone levels by engaging more in healthy lifestyle behaviors like increasing exercise, losing weight, and managing high blood pressure.

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