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Diet and prostate cancer

Eating a plant-based diet like the Mediterranean, MIND, or DASH diet has been shown to help people lose weight and lower their risk for heart disease and diabetes. But such a diet may also help men lower their risk for prostate cancer or help slow the spread of existing prostate cancer. The connection may be due to high consumption of inflammation-fighting fruits, vegetables, and fatty fish, and the fact that people who follow a plant-based diet eat less red meat and processed foods, high intakes of which are associated with cancer risk.

Stomachs growl, noses run, and yawning is contagious: Ever wonder why?

There are things our bodies do so often and so automatically that we barely notice them. Yawning, growling stomachs, and runny noses are good examples. Each is a universal part of our daily human experience — but did you ever wonder why?

FDA approves new treatment for advanced prostate cancer

Approval by the FDA of a new drug combination for treatment of advanced prostate cancer fills a need and offers new hope to men whose cancer has progressed and who have already tried other therapies.

Older men continue to have excessive PSA testing

Guidelines recommend against routine prostate-specific antigen (PSA) testing in men ages 70 and older. Still, two 2023 studies found that men in this age group are having too many PSA tests.

Sexual feelings

Feelings of sexual desire change for both men and women as they age. Sometimes the desire is more robust for only one partner, or desires fluctuate so much that partners are rarely in sync. Talking about these changes and exploring different ways to approach this new phase of sex can help both partners find mutual enjoyment.

Study questions commercial men's health clinics services

Consumers should be wary about direct-to-consumer men's health clinics, as many offer costly treatments not supported by evidence and lack medical oversight, according to a 2023 investigative study.

Does my prostate cancer increase my risk for other cancers?

In general, prostate cancer that occurs after age 60 does not increase the risk of getting a second, different cancer. However, lifestyle habits that contribute to prostate cancer, like poor diet, lack of exercise, and obesity, can raise the risk for other cancers.

Young men with prostate cancer: Socioeconomic factors affect lifespan

Prostate cancer is generally viewed as a disease of older men, yet about 10% of new diagnoses occur in men age 55 or younger. Biological differences partially explain the discrepancy, but socioeconomic factors also play an important role.

Do you need testosterone therapy?

Advertisements and celebrity endorsements claim that by raising testosterone levels with testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), men can boost their sex drive and feel more robust. While TRT can help improve some physical, sexual, and mental health symptoms associated with low testosterone levels, it may not work for everyone, and despite the miracle claims, TRT cannot make older men feel 30 years younger.

Talking with your doctor about ED

Many men are hesitant to talk with their doctor about erectile dysfunction (ED) or other sexual problems because they view these as purely a sex-related. But in many cases, ED is related to another issue like cardiovascular health, high blood pressure, mental health, or low testosterone. Once men understand that talking about their ED involves exploring other aspects of their health and is part of regular maintenance health care, it's easier for them to open up.

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