PSA blood test for prostate cancer doesn’t save lives

Marc B. Garnick, M.D.

Editor in Chief,

For decades, men have been encouraged to undergo routine checkups to detect prostate cancer in its earliest stage. This usually includes the test for prostate-specific antigen (PSA). The amount of this protein in the bloodstream climbs when a tumor begins growing in the prostate gland.

In theory, detecting a prostate tumor early should save lives. But the longest-running trial to date shows that checking PSA levels in seemingly healthy men does little to cut a man’s chances of dying of the disease.

You can read my full report on this new study at the Harvard Prostate Knowledge Web site.


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  2. Karen

    Prevention is always better with prostate cancer

  3. The Pool Pump Guy

    I would recommend that all men read the book “Anticancer” by Servan Schreiber,there is a wealth of info in there on living a lifestyle that actually helps to actively prevent cancer from proliferating in the body in the first place.

    Another great book is called “Should I Be Tested for Cancer?: Maybe Not and Here’s Why”
    H. Gilbert Welch M.D. M.P.H.

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  4. mike

    The importance of eating healthy which includes high fiber and low fat and having a consistent exercise regimen are ways to help keep in good health.
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    • Ryan Wood

      Vitamin D from early morning sunlight is a good prevention method. However this article pertains to the PSA test and its ability/inability to prevent death from prostate cancer. Unfortunately alot of these cancer screenings do not prove any significant reduction in cancer deaths. In fact some often do harm and cause a great deal of stress.

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