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Low testosterone levels linked to shorter life span

In a 2024 study of men ages 49 to 76, low levels of testosterone were associated with higher rates of death from any cause and specifically deaths from cardiovascular causes, such as heart attack, cardiac arrest, heart failure, or stroke.

Increasing energy levels for sex

Many factors can diminish men's energy levels, which can lower their libido and sexual stamina. The most common factors are naturally declining muscle mass, less production of the energy-carrying molecules adenosine triphosphate, low testosterone levels, and poor sleep quality. Addressing these issues through diet, exercise, medical therapy, and practicing good sleep hygiene can help improve men's energy levels for sex and daily life.

Reaching the climax

As they age, men can face obstacles to achieving orgasms during sex, such as anorgasmia (the inability to achieve an orgasm), delayed orgasm (where it takes 30 minutes or longer to climax). Sometimes, lack of arousal is an issue. Men can take steps to help achieve orgasms, such as introducing strategies in the bedroom, such masturbation, using sexual toys, and reading erotica.

The lowdown on vaginal TLC

Substances women eat, drink, or use can support or detract from vaginal health. The vagina's microbiome includes trillions of healthy bacteria that inhibit harmful bacteria. Certain conditions, such as an infection called bacterial vaginosis, indicate a harmful shift in the vaginal microbiome. Fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains benefit the vagina by tamping down inflammation. Other vagina-friendly foods include yogurt and soy. Staying well hydrated helps ward off dryness. Smoking or douching, however, can harm vaginal health.

Sexually transmitted infections: What parents need to be sure their teens know

It's never easy for parents to talk to their teens about sex, so many are understandably hesitant to do so. But even if teens are not yet sexually active, it's important for them to have accurate information about sexually transmitted infections to keep themselves safe and healthy.

Sleeping apart: Good for your sex life?

A survey found that one-third of couples reported occasionally or regularly sleeping in separate rooms to accommodate a bed partner. The main motivation behind separate sleeping is to ensure both people get a good night's rest, as sleep can get disrupted by a partner's snoring, teeth grinding, thrashing, sleep schedule, and different sleeping environments. Couples should work together to ensure sleeping apart does not interfere with intimacy, such as scheduling snuggle time, taking naps together, and planning times for sexual activity.

What lifestyle changes can help me avoid prostate cancer?

Most older men live with some prostate cancer. However, only a small number will develop aggressive cancer that affects their quality of life. Certain habits might lower men's risk, like eating a plant-based diet, doing vigorous activity, and having frequent ejaculations.

HPV infection linked to higher cardiovascular risk

Women with high-risk strains of human papillomavirus—a well-known cause of cervical cancer—may face four times the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease, according to a 2024 study.

Erectile dysfunction drugs linked to lower Alzheimer's disease risk

In a 2024 study, men diagnosed with erectile dysfunction who took popular PDE5 inhibitors to treat their condition had a lower risk of developing Alzheimer's than men who didn't use medication.

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