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Spouse's heart disease linked to higher risk of depression

The spouses of people who have heart attacks, strokes, and heart failure may face an elevated risk of depression, according to a 2024 study.

5 great tips for sustainable summer living

Wondering how to save money, stay cooler, and be kinder to our planet during a long, hot summer? These five tips help ensure maximum fun and suggest ways to stay comfortable and safe this summer while making sustainable choices to benefit the environment.

Life can be challenging: Build your own resilience plan

Resilience is a psychological response that helps you adapt to life's difficulties and seek a path forward through challenges. While everyone has the ability to be resilient, life stresses can take a toll on you. It's possible to cultivate resilience — but how?

Can you become a "super-ager"?

Super-agers are individuals known to maintain peak mental prowess well into their 90s and avoid dementia and Alzheimer's disease. While genetics play a big part in super-agers' cognitive health, adopting healthy lifestyle habits also contributes, and other people might be able to improve their brain health in the same way. These habits include exercising regularly, following a plant-based diet, being social, adopting mentally challenging activities, and getting adequate sleep.

Sleeping apart: Good for your sex life?

A survey found that one-third of couples reported occasionally or regularly sleeping in separate rooms to accommodate a bed partner. The main motivation behind separate sleeping is to ensure both people get a good night's rest, as sleep can get disrupted by a partner's snoring, teeth grinding, thrashing, sleep schedule, and different sleeping environments. Couples should work together to ensure sleeping apart does not interfere with intimacy, such as scheduling snuggle time, taking naps together, and planning times for sexual activity.

Exercising with your spouse might add up to less movement

A 2023 study suggests that older adults who exercise with their spouses might be less physically active than those who exercise on their own.

Pets may help fend off cognitive decline in single seniors

A 2023 study found that pet owners who lived alone had slower rates of cognitive decline compared with people who lived alone but had no pets. Living with a dog or cat may help ease loneliness — an important risk factor for cognitive decline.

Couples often share high blood pressure diagnosis

People whose spouses have high blood pressure may be more likely to have high blood pressure themselves than people whose spouses do not have the condition, according to a 2023 study.

Not just good for the soul

Forgiveness is defined by replacing ill will toward an offender with goodwill. A 2023 study suggests forgiveness boosts mental health by reducing depression and anxiety levels. Other evidence suggests physical benefits as well. Studies indicate forgiveness also eases stress, improves sleep, and lowers blood pressure and heart rate. Being unable to forgive can raise blood pressure, which can affect overall heart health. Some people are innately better at forgiving, but Harvard experts say all people can learn skills that help them forgive.

Overcoming bedroom barriers

Older couples face many challenges as they age that can affect intimacy, including health issues, physical changes, and fluctuations in desire. These can lead to common problems like being stuck in a sexual rut, feeling out of sync, and dealing with low energy. But with communication, planning, and creativity, partners can continue to enjoy a satisfying sexual relationship.

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