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Spouse's heart disease linked to higher risk of depression

The spouses of people who have heart attacks, strokes, and heart failure may face an elevated risk of depression, according to a 2024 study.

Meditation: A heartfelt habit?

A meditation practice may help lower blood pressure and encourage people to make healthier choices when coping with stress. The two best-studied forms are Transcendental Meditation, which may lower blood pressure, and mindfulness-based meditation, which may reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and blood pressure. People can learn how to meditate at in-person or virtual classes or by using an app.

Can your blood tests predict your future risk of stress, anxiety, or depression?

A 2024 study found that people with high blood sugar and high triglycerides are more likely to develop chronic stress, anxiety, or depression later in life, compared with people who have low or normal blood sugar levels.

Mediterranean diet may help ease depression

A 2024 research review suggests that consuming a Mediterranean diet, which emphasizes plant foods and healthy fats, may reduce depression symptoms in people with depression.

PTSD: How is treatment changing?

PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) is a potentially debilitating mental health condition marked by recurrent, frightening episodes during which a person relives a traumatic event. Newly released guidelines can help guide treatment; they recommend which therapies are most effective, and which are not recommended.

Caregiving crisis

Nearly three-quarters of caregivers are 50 or older, and more than 75% are women. Research has linked caregiving to many physical and mental effects, including depression, anxiety, pain, and heart disease. Many caregivers don't attend to their own health and may avoid or skip medical appointments. To address these burdens, caregivers can look into respite care, call their local Agency on Aging, ask for help from friends, and schedule telehealth visits with doctors or therapists.

Certain exercises may offer effective treatment for depression

In a 2024 study, researchers found the most effective exercises for treating depression were walking, running, yoga, strength training, and dancing. When exercise was combined with talk therapy, then yoga, tai chi, and aerobic exercise stood out.

Treating female pattern hair loss

Hair loss is a surprisingly common problem for women, particularly after menopause. This condition is typically treated with a medication such as minoxidil, though other options are available, including hair transplant surgery.

Co-regulation: Helping children and teens navigate big emotions

Co-regulation is a process in which caregivers can help young people learn better ways to regulate their emotions during the inevitable upsets and challenges of life. But before a caregiver can help a child, they need to understand their own emotional skills and limitations. 

How to recognize the signs of mental health issues

A 2023 study showed that about 50% of people will develop at least one mental disorder by age 75. Older adults are vulnerable to mental disorders because they are exposed to many life-changing and traumatic events like health issues, the death of loved ones, and physical limitations. Among men, the most common disorders were depression, phobias, and alcohol use disorder. Identifying the signs and symptoms of these disorders can help men seek appropriate medical treatment.

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