Podcast: Living Better, Living Longer

Harvard Health Publishing's podcast Living Better, Living Longer brings you the amazing expertise of Harvard Medical School's 11,000-member faculty. Living Better Living Longer will be covering smart ways to lose weight, the latest guidance on blood pressure and cholesterol, terrific ways to stay fit...and more.

Special Edition: Health in the news. Red meat less risky? And Zantac recall

Airdate: 10/04/2019

We've been told for years it's wise to dial back on the consumption of red meat, especially processed red meat. But a study in the Annals of Internal Medicine suggested red meat can now be considered less of a risk. And heartburn sufferers were dismayed to learn Zantac was pulled from store shelves because of a possible cancer link. To learn more we turned to Harvard experts Kathy McManus and Heidi Godman.

Episode 4: The smart way to start exercising

Airdate: 10/02/2019

Dr. Howard LeWine, chief medical editor of Harvard Health Publishing, recommends that men who haven't exercised in a while begin at the beginning. Just take a walk. Any kind of activity will aim you in the right direction and you can build from there.

Episode 3: The mental side of weight loss

Airdate: 9/25/2019

Kathy McManus, director of nutrition at Brigham and Women's Hospital, discusses changing behavior as a pathway to weight loss in this conversation with Harvard's Dr. Mallika Marshall.

Episode 2: Improving memory — First the good news

Airdate: 9/18/2019

Harvard doctors Mallika Marshall and neurologist Kirk Daffner discuss the upside of growing older when it comes to your memory. We become wiser. But Dr. Daffner also describes red flags you'll want to know about.

Episode 1: Welcome to Living Better, Living Longer

Airdate: 9/13/2019

Every Wednesday Harvard Health Publishing will interview Harvard physicians at the forefront of health, wellness, and medical research.

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