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Reading Harvard Men’s Health Watch each month is the simplest, easiest thing you can do to improve your health. In today’s fast-paced, information-packed world, it’s not always easy to do the right thing for yourself. But a few minutes each month with Harvard’s physicians in the pages of Men’s Health Watch can help you reduce your stress, lower your blood pressure, reduce your cancer risk, ease your joint pain, and live a healthier life.

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Strength and Power Training for Older Adults

Studies attest that strength training, as well as aerobic exercise, can help you manage and sometimes prevent conditions as varied as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and osteoporosis. It can also protect vitality, make everyday tasks more manageable, and help you maintain a healthy weight. Strength and Power Training for Older Adults answers your strength training questions and helps you develop a program that's right for you.…

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Let the doctors and researchers at the Harvard Medical School show you the way to a longer, healthier, happier life in the pages of Harvard Men’s Health Watch.

Each month, you’ll be briefed on the latest health research and advances that will affect and improve your health. Recent issues explored:

  • The impact blood pressure drugs make on your sex life
  • The best strength training exercises for men over 50
  • Why “all-natural” on the label doesn’t mean safe to take
  • How best to use aspirin to prevent heart attack
  • Whether fish-oil supplements are as heart-healthy as eating fish

Easy-to-read, clear, and concise, Men’s Health Watch is full of actionable advice you can incorporate immediately into your daily routine.

Start your subscription today and be on your way to a healthier life!

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No more Dr. Google. I have finally bumped into modern information that is authentic, tried and tested. I do intend to put the information from these newsletters into use with other holistic approaches - and this is indeed a wealth of wisdom to begin with. Being a hypochondriac by nature, your resources are helping put to rest a lot of what worries me from time-to-time - all because of now knowing what we are subjecting our minds and body to that affects our health in one way or another. ~ Khalsa Lakhvir-Singh, Kenya
I just posted the previous review. And, just found that the search function was not working because of an ad blocking app I have on my iMac. So, I rescind my prior comment, and think your publication and web site for the best. Thank you. alr, Chicago
I've subscribed for several years. By far, the best, most timely, and well supported information I've come across. My only complaint is the lack of a search function to find articles in back issues.
I'v recently switched my Harvard Mens Health Watch from written form to E form. Its great & easy to use. I can view each section & print any section I want in my permanent records. I like the way each section has a print function at it's end for convenience. Thanks.
I appreciate the on-line availability of back issues. I have a mixed stack of five health letters going back for years and it takes a lot of work to find any specific article. Now, adding a Search function to the on-line back issues would be a tremendous improvement.
The articles are very well written and easy to understand by a lay person. I keep all my issues in a three-ring binder for future reference. WAS, New London, CT
What I appreciate most about HMHW---in distinction to some other health newsletters I've read---is that it doesn't talk down to me and it goes into considerable depth on issues. I need to go beyond the basic lifestyle issues---diet, exercise, non-smoking, low stress---about which I'm very aware, and get the latest, detailed information and you give that to me. DJ, Milton, MA
the best newsletter (and i've tried many) i've seen. well worth every penny (but please don't increase the price) rk dallas, tx
I would like to see more info on the emotional effect of aging and how others are dealing with the changes and losses of the process.
Just keep doing what you're doing. I feel your articles are at just the right level of detail for the layman. Not simplistic but not off putting by their technical sophistication. RSS Naperville, IL
In the last issue about osteoporosis it was stated (without justification or scientific support) that women's statistics on treatment could be applied to men. I see absolutely no reason for this and hope that the next issue clears up the issue. I have found your publication to be very helpful to me to navigate my way through various drug suggestions coming from doctors. I hope it continues that way. POS, MA
I love the quality of the newsletter's writing: concise and clear. JAH, McPherson, KS
I especially appreciate the references to and descriptions of the research that supports the information and recommendations reported. JB, Columbus, OH
All of your articles are very interesting and very educational. Worth my time reading them. Thanks. WJ, Kamloops, BC, Canada
Eliminate the words, "may" and "might" from your articles. I appreciate information with more certainty as I believe moat readers do. WJM Belmont, MA
I don't see value in the advance, on-line availability. I've never used it. Overall, I find the newsletter valuable and often share articles with friends. I believe I'm considerably younger than your average subscriber, so you've got me for another 40-50 years. Are you offering a multi-decade discount? TM, NY, NY
The information I received from the Harvard Health Publishing has been very helpful in estimating and improving my overall health and as well as providing me with preventative strategies for various conditions. JCN - Wisconsin

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