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Women more likely to be injured while walking a leashed dog

A 2023 study suggests that women and older adults are more likely to sustain serious injuries, such as fractures and head trauma, than others while walking a leashed dog.

Think fast: How does your face protect you?

Not only is our face our calling card to the world, its features evolved to mount immune system defenses, help ward off illness, and protect us in many ways. Our eyes, nose, mouth, and facial structure itself all contribute to our continued well-being.

Stomachs growl, noses run, and yawning is contagious: Ever wonder why?

There are things our bodies do so often and so automatically that we barely notice them. Yawning, growling stomachs, and runny noses are good examples. Each is a universal part of our daily human experience — but did you ever wonder why?

Hot weather hikes: Staying safe when temperatures spike

Summer is a great time to take a hike, but it's essential to make sure you're prepared for the weather and conditions where you are. Hiking safely and planning ahead will make your trek more enjoyable.

Lessons learned from COVID

While the COVID pandemic changed how many people approached their health, the experience offers a teachable moment about how people can maintain new and improved healthy habits. Four areas that were most affected by COVID and enabled people to create positive changes are exercise, diet, medical check-ups, and social connections.

The fountain of youth

Adults who stay well hydrated appear to be healthier, develop fewer chronic conditions (such as heart and lung disease), and live longer than those who take in less fluid. Still, many older adults have trouble drinking enough water during the day. Adopting strategies like keeping water bottles close by, drinking with every meal, and eating more water-rich foods can help them meet their daily recommended amounts.

Can mouth taping help my snoring?

Despite social media claims, mouth taping while sleeping can prove risky, leading to hampered breathing, disrupted sleep, or skin irritation. People who can't breathe through their nose when sleeping should see their doctor to evaluate the problem.

Protect your skin from serious burns

There's no time to lose when someone suffers a burn. For a minor burn on a small area of skin, run cool water over it for 20 minutes to help limit damage, and then apply petroleum jelly or antibiotic cream and cover the burn with a bandage. If a blister develops, dab antibacterial cream on it, cover it with a bandage, and get to a doctor as soon as possible. Second-degree burns that are large or involve the face, hands, feet, or genitals, and all third-degree burns, warrant a call to 911.

Start vetting your supplements

Online tools enable consumers to vet dietary supplements before taking them. That's important, since dietary supplements sometimes contain hidden prescription drugs, controlled substances, or untested and unstudied components. Some of the most reliable tools to vet supplements are provided on the websites of the FDA, National Institutes of Health, and Department of Defense. Consumers can look up basic information about dietary supplements, clinical evidence about their use and effectiveness, suspicious ingredients they may contain, and safety violations.

Wildfires: How to cope when smoke affects air quality and health

Wildfire smoke contributes greatly to poor air quality, and as wildfires become more frequent due to climate change and drier conditions, more of us and more of our communities are at risk for health harms.

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