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Traveler's diarrhea - tips to stay healthy

Traveling to less developed countries can increase your risk of Traveler's Diarrhea. Be safe. Check out these tips by Dr. Michael VanRooyena about what you can do to stay healthy.

Find CPR training

If you are trying to find CPR training, Dr. Michael VanRooyen has some suggestions about where to find a class and the overall benefits of such training. Watch to learn more.

When a child chokes

If your child experiences a choking attack, do you know what to do next? Dr. Richard Zane offers these recommendations about when to seek medical help after a child chokes. Learn more now.

When to get a checkup

How vital is a regular checkup? According to Dr. Howard LeWine, that's a matter of debate. But there are benefits to consider. Find out you should know and when you should go.

When to go to the ER vs primary care provider

Some medical situations can wait until you see your primary care provider. And others are cause to go to the ER. Which is which? Dr. Richard Zane makes the distinction for you in this helpful video.

How much water do I need to drink?

If you are unsure how much water is enough or even too much, Dr. Julia Silver is here with myths and facts about hydration. Find out how much water you really need for good health.

How much sleep do I need?

Dr. Julie Silver answers the question of "How much sleep do I need?" and shares tips on how to get the right amount of rest.

A brief guide to excessive sneezing

Sneezing is actually a complex act and differs for everyone. But if you're worried about excessive sneezing, Dr. Anthony Komaroff can tell you a bit more about this mysterious behavior.

What to give a baby for a cold

You've heard the warnings about children's cold medicine so now you are wondering what to give a baby for a cold. Dr. Victoria McEvoy is here to help.

How many calories can I consume every day?

For weight watchers every where, it is the eternal question: How many calories can I consume every day? To find out, you may need to do a little personal math. Dr. Julie Silver explains.

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