When You Visit Your Doctor - Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss

Questions to Discuss with Your Doctor:

  • Is your hearing loss on one side or both?
  • For how long have you noticed the problem?
  • Has your hearing loss been getting worse over time?
  • Do you have difficulty understanding other people when they speak?
  • Do you say "what?" a lot?
  • When you turn on the television, do others say that it is too loud?
  • Have you had any kind of ear surgery?
  • Have you flown in an airplane recently?
  • Do other people in your family have trouble hearing?
  • Do you hear ringing in your ears?
  • Do you suffer from dizziness or loss of coordination?
  • Have you had multiple ear infections in the past?
  • Do you currently have an upper respiratory infection (for example, a cold) or other infection?
  • Have you had any head injuries or strokes in the past?
  • Are you taking any medications?

Your Doctor Might Examine the Following Body Structures or Functions:

  • Examine your ears, nose, and throat.
  • Test your balance, coordination, and walking.

Your Doctor Might Order the Following Lab Tests or Studies:

  • Test your ability to hear.
  • Formal hearing testing by an audiologist (hearing specialist)

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