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Quarantine snacking fixer-upper

November 12, 2020


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Mat Hargett
November 14, 2020

I love these tips, especially:

1. Keep junk food out of the house. = “Your environment has to support your goals.” -Gary Keller

3. Zero in on hunger. 75% of US adults are chronically dehydrated. It’s more likely you are thirsty rather than hungry.

Most importantly, these recommendations will improve your mood, mental health, and overall wellness. Something we will all need during this pandemic winter.

David Brown
November 13, 2020

Heidi Godman characterizes saturated fats as unhealthy. In light of recent COVID-19 research findings, she may want to rethink that. Excerpt: Separately, on analyzing global COVID-19 mortality data and comparing it with 12 risk factors for mortality, they found unsaturated fat intake to be associated with increased mortality. This was based on the dietary fat patterns of 61 countries in the United Nations’ Food and Agricultural Organization database. Surprisingly, they found saturated fats to be protective.

In the interview section of the article, Vijay P. Singh said, “It has been known for a long time that the composition of the fat we store in adipose tissue takes several years to change in response to changes in diet. Dietary habits, that is, the fats we cook in such as butter and different types of oil, as well as the foods we eat, are strongly determined by culture, region, tradition, and what we’re taught is good or bad, though there is little evidence for the latter. In the long term, avoiding high unsaturated fatty acid (UFA) intake may help with future pandemics like COVID-19, and severe pancreatitis or similar disease scenarios. Google – Vijay P. Singh COVID-19 to access the article. On YouTube – Omega-6 apocalypse.

If you read the Singh article and watch the 39 minute video presentation by Chris Knobbe, this should make sense: “The degree of fatty acid unsaturation of mitochondrial membrane lipids has been found to be one of those biochemical parameters that are most strongly correlated with longevity, when different species of mammals and birds are compared, with a low degree of fatty unsaturation being correlated with less lipid peroxidation and a longer normal life-span.” Google – Anna Haug arachidonic acid.

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