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Nighttime overeating can throw weight and health out of sync

September 13, 2013

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Jane McKarthy
October 28, 2013

I admit that i am a night eater as well…and unfortunately i do it in daily basis and a lot too!
The trick is also with what you are eating…Yogurt for example is very light and healthy

October 14, 2013

Thank-you for sharing such an interesting post–I had never heard of Nighttime Eating Syndrome. However, I would like to see more studies examining the link between nighttime eating with weight gain. It seems to me, that if an individual is maintaining the same level of exercise and eating the same general amount of calories per day, then it wouldn’t matter what time of day those calories are being consumed in order to maintain the same weight. This was an interesting topic, worthy of more investigations.

October 10, 2013

Not long ago there was an article about that it doesn’t matter when you eat but it’s all about what you eat during a day/night. Strange that things change so quickly.. There’s a lot to be looked into. Predivita proteine dieet

fat burning
September 30, 2013

thanks for sharing this value article.I think all of us have this bad habit to eat late in the night i hope to change it .

thanks lot

Sumant Kaul
September 19, 2013

Great Information. Thanks for sharing the reasons for over weight.

boxing exercises
September 17, 2013

When I got busy and overloaded with my jobs, so many thing in mind to be clear. subconsciously, I took foods more than usual since I felt I couldn’t finish all that jobs if my stomach empty 😀
Lately, I am trying to take more fruits in the night to control my healthy eating.
Thanks 🙂

obat kuat
September 15, 2013

thanks for the information, I so understand it
regards healthy hehehe

Richard Blaine
September 14, 2013

I used to be a major night time eater and it took me years to stop eating late at night! It was like I wasn’t hungry between the times of 6 to 9 pm. I would go to bed and end up getting up at 3am and I would go eat. I went from 152lbs out of college wrestling to 211lbs in a year and then it took me 2yrs to lose the weight correctly and to stop eating at night. I found it was a nutritional matter and once I realigned my dietary habits I stopped eating late at night. It was a blood sugar complication. Great article!

Rakesh Gupta
September 14, 2013

I appreciate from this post & I know that 2 People those that square measure regular night eaters. They even have issues with symptom and acid reflux.

September 13, 2013

I know two people that are regular night eaters. They also have problems with heartburn and acid reflux.

Xiaoyong tan
September 25, 2013

I love to eat a lot at night, now I understand it is not good for health at all. Thank you so much for your information. I must be careful from now. it is very helpful blogs.

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