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Thyroid disease and breast cancer: Is there a link?

April 07, 2016


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Tonya Dennis
April 10, 2016

I believe this study. I have hypothyroid and just finished with breast cancer May 2015. But I also had dense breast, which is another factor. I also had no family history of breast cancer.

April 09, 2016

so why is the thyroid on the blink… you don’t know

carol van linda
April 09, 2016

wow do you ever have the hypo and hyper symptoms messed up!! you can have all the hyper symptoms and be Hypo duh and un treated thyroid cancer is already proven to go to breast cancer you are behind it has NOTHING to do with your thyroid hormones it is poor care, poor testing, and docs who have NEVER talked AND listened to thyroid patients and base treatment off the TSH which is a Pituitary hormone NOT a thyroid hormone a true Thyroid hormone is T4 T3 and reverse T3 please educate yourself before posting junk like this it just shows your ignorance to those of us that have Studied our thyroid condition since 99% of docs are severely under educated in this area( and most Endos and other doc’s are to arrogant to admit this) also try learning from a non pharma sponsored class you might just learn something

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