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When walking is the best medicine

Published August 1, 2022

Supervised exercise therapy (SET) for peripheral artery disease (PAD) requires pushing through pain while walking to improve blood flow through narrowed blood vessels in the legs. SET can work as effectively as surgical procedures to improve the calf pain and cramping of PAD. SET is a treadmill-based program overseen by clinicians at a health care facility. Home-based SET can work comparably at improving symptoms, but only if PAD patients walk at a faster pace and continue the regimen long-term.

Melasma: What are the best treatments?

Published July 11, 2022

Melasma is a skin condition affecting mostly women with darker skin. It cannot be fully prevented in those most likely to develop it, and there is no cure, but consistent sunscreen use is critical, and numerous treatment options are available.

Can an implanted tongue-stimulating device curb your sleep apnea?

Published July 7, 2022

A mask-free, implanted device for sleep apnea that works by stimulating the tongue was approved by the FDA in 2014 as a second-choice treatment for people who are unable to tolerate a positive airway pressure machine.

Adult female acne: Why it happens and the emotional toll

Published June 27, 2022

Women are more likely to get acne after age 20 than men. Unfortunately, treatment options that worked in the teenage years may not work as well in adult females. The emotional toll of acne may include a higher risk of developing depression, and having severe acne can negatively affect quality of life.

Back pain: Will treatment for the mind, body—or both—help?

Published June 16, 2022

Low back pain is a leading cause of disability worldwide. A recent review of dozens of studies suggests that combining physical therapy with psychological approaches to treating pain led to better overall results in improvement of pain.

Can platelet-rich plasma injections heal your joints?

Published March 1, 2022

Platelet-rich plasma injections are used to reduce pain and speed healing for a number of common problems that affect the tendons, muscles, and joints, ranging from arthritis to shoulder pain. But a growing body of research shows that they may not be effective for some conditions, including knee osteoarthritis, ankle osteoarthritis, and Achilles tendinitis. There is some evidence that it may be effective for lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow). People should consider whether there is a better option before undergoing PRP injections.

Got back pain? Can virtual reality provide real pain relief?

Published December 10, 2021

Chronic low back pain is a leading cause of long-lasting pain and disability worldwide. Treatment options help some people but not all, leaving millions seeking safe, effective treatment. An 8-week program using a virtual reality device aims to offers lasting relief, but valid questions about evidence of effectiveness have not yet been answered.

A new targeted treatment for early-stage breast cancer?

Published November 24, 2021

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women and treatment strategies vary by subtype, stage, and more. A new targeted therapy may help some women with early-stage breast cancer linked to BRCA gene mutations.

Will new guidelines for heart failure affect you?

Published July 15, 2021
Heart failure can limit a person’s ability to accomplish daily tasks, affect quality of life, and even shorten lives. Updated guidelines for one form of heart failure are available to help clinicians and people living with this condition navigate complex therapy options.

A new treatment for advanced prostate cancer improves survival in phase 3 clinical trial

Published July 12, 2021
Radiation therapy is getting more precise, making it easier to kill tumors while sparing their surrounding tissues. Some newer therapies deliver radiation particles directly to the cancer cell itself. One of these new therapies is now generating promising data for men with the most aggressive prostate cancer.
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