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Debunking common wellness myths

Many common wellness myths contain a grain of truth but are misleading over all. One wellness myth holds that being thin equates to being healthy, but people who are think can still be unhealthy. Another myth posits that detoxes and cleanses can help people be healthier, but these products don't help and can even be dangerous for some people. Another myth is that eating before bedtime leads to weight gain, but food choice matters more than timing.

Staying regular

"Regular" bowel movements can mean something different for each person. Some people have a bowel movement once or twice daily; for others, it's once or twice weekly. People should see a doctor if they notice a dramatic change in bowel habits or other symptoms, including fatigue, pain, unintended weight loss, bloody stool, or a change in stool consistency. People can promote digestion by maintaining a toileting schedule, heeding their body's signals, and using a toilet stool.

UK study confirms Mediterranean lifestyle benefits

A 2023 study of about 110,000 people in the United Kingdom suggested that those who most adhered to a Mediterranean lifestyle had a 28% lower risk of dying from cancer and a 29% lower risk of dying prematurely from any cause, compared with those who least adhered to the lifestyle.

Large study finds the sweet spot for daily step goals

In a 2023 review of 17 studies that included about 227,000 people, those who took at least 3,900 steps per day had reduced risks of dying young from any cause. Even taking about 2,300 steps per day compared to fewer daily steps was tied to reduced risks of dying prematurely from cardiovascular disease.

Injuries and blood thinners: How to stop bleeding

Taking a blood thinner helps protect people at risk for dangerous blood clots that can lead to life-threatening conditions, such as a stroke or heart attack. But the medications increase the risk for uncontrolled bleeding. People taking the drugs should learn what to do in case bleeding occurs. For minor injuries, it's important to apply extra pressure until bleeding stops. For serious injuries, one should call 911 and apply as much pressure as possible to the wound until help arrives. People who take blood thinners and experience even minor injury from a fall or accident should automatically go to urgent care or the emergency department to get checked out, even if there is no apparent bleeding or trauma is observed.

Insider tips for a smooth recovery from cataract surgery

Early planning can help people recover well from cataract surgery. That planning can include reviewing post-procedure instructions in advance; investigating whether a simplified eye drops regimen is available and will be covered by insurance; learning the right way to use eye drops, and teaching a loved one to help with their application if necessary; and preparing to take a break from certain physical activities, such as bending over, lifting objects that are 10 pounds or heavier, cleaning, vacuuming, or doing laundry.

Can tongue scraping improve bad breath?

Scraping the tongue with a special tool or a spoon can improve bad breath by removing the white or yellowish coating on the tongue consisting of food debris, dead skin cells, and bacteria.

Why do medical guidelines change frequently?

Medical recommendations and guidelines, such as colon cancer screening, seem to change often. These contradictions in large part reflect different expert opinions based on the changing scientific information. Rely on your doctor to help determine how these changes may apply to you.

How much sleep do you actually need?

Just how many hours of sleep are enough for you? The answer varies and it might be better to track sleep quality than focus on the number of hours you log each night.

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