Protect yourself from medication mix-ups

Research shows that medication errors can lead to hospitalizations and health problems. People can avoid these problems by understanding what drugs they are taking and why. Clear communication with doctors and pharmacists can further prevent dangerous medication missteps. (Locked) More »

Don’t let the cold put a freeze on your daily workout schedule

Many people skip workouts in the winter because of the chilly weather. But winter can be a great time to get outside and exercise, provided a person dresses warmly and finds the right strategies. It is also a good time to try a new activity or to join a community center or fitness club. (Locked) More »

New ways to manage migraines

Migraine headaches can be painful and debilitating, but there are strategies to get them under control. For people with frequent or severe headaches, there are multiple ways to help prevent migraine and effective medications to halt the pain after one develops. (Locked) More »

Do generic drugs compromise on quality?

Generic drugs are sometimes viewed as inferior to the brand-name version. But studies show that they are typically the same quality, just as effective, and less expensive. While some research has shown more side effects with generics, that finding appears to be the exception, not the rule. (Locked) More »