Added sweeteners

Sweeteners, both natural and artificial, are being consumed in larger quantities, and are contributing to the nation's obesity problems. The best approach is moderation, especially for children. More »

Why not flaxseed oil?

While flaxseed oil may seem like a good way to get beneficial omega-3 fats, its healthful effects are not as powerful as they appear. Eating fish is still the best way to get omega-3s. More »

Going too low with blood pressure?

While recommended healthy blood pressure levels have decreased, lowering diastolic pressure too much could deprive the heart of needed blood flow, which could be dangerous for people with coronary artery disease. More »

How to mend the heart but spare the mind

Coronary bypass patients frequently experience some cognitive impairment after surgery. Some studies suggest that doing the surgery without using the heart-lung machine may help prevent clots from affecting the brain, but the results are inconclusive. (Locked) More »

In brief: Split decision

Splitting pills can save consumers money, especially when different size doses of a medication cost the same amount per pill. A large health insurer is encouraging its subscribers to split certain medications. (Locked) More »