When You Visit Your Doctor - Acoustic Neuroma

Acoustic Neuroma

Questions to Discuss with Your Doctor:

  • Do you have trouble hearing out of one ear or both?
  • Do sounds seem distorted in one ear?
  • Are sounds different between your two ears?
  • Is the hearing loss getting progressively worse?
  • Do you have difficulty understanding others when they are talking? For example, do you have trouble hearing people on the other end of the telephone?
  • Do you have ear pain?
  • Have you been dizzy or lightheaded? If so, does it seem as if the room is spinning?
  • Do you feel unsteady when you walk?
  • Have you heard ringing or unusual noises in one or both of your ears?
  • Do the muscles on one side of your face feel weaker compared to the other side?
  • Is there any weakness of your face?
  • Have you lost your ability to taste certain foods?
  • Have you had headaches? Nausea? Vomiting?
  • Have you had double vision or unusual eye movements?

Your Doctor Might Examine the Following Body Structures or Functions:

  • Ear, nose, and throat exam, including a screening test of your hearing in each ear
  • Neurological exam

Your Doctor Might Order the Following Lab Tests or Studies:

  • Audiometry (formal hearing test) by a certified audiologist
  • Brain-stem auditory evoked potentials
  • MRI or CT scan of the head

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