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Stress raising your blood pressure? Take a deep breath

February 15, 2016


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andres from The Netherlands
February 20, 2016

Less sodium and DASH dieet are also good for lowering blood pressure as well as a glass of beet juice every day and fruits , vegetables high in potassium and foods high in calcium,magnesium and vitamin C and D.

February 17, 2016

I think this is all idealistic. In reality nothing works. Stress is not conquerable. Working out sometimes helps. As long we live in urbanized locations and keep struggling with work, family, traffic and associated craziness, blood pressure and heart diseases will continue to paralyze our lives. Yes, what does or can make a difference are lifestyle changes – take vacations, if one can afford; compromise on salary and opt for less stressful jobs; work from home, or, better still migrate to low-stress areas.

In my travels to different parts of North America (apart from Washington DC, Toronto, NYC, Chicago, etc.), I’ve found people to be nicer, more receptive to human needs, have plenty of time to have a chat and hence have an overall relaxed demeanor. Such an attitude radiates positivity and has incredible impact on our nerves. Elsewhere in Europe and Asia, things are much slower with the exception of a few recklessly paced cities. All in all, taking deep breaths may work for some but it doesn’t work for many others!

Sharon trost
February 16, 2016

I have never had high blood pressure but now been in 120’s-130’s ever since my doctor wanted me to change my thyroid medicine dose which I have been on for 21 years. My t4 is 1.7 I had been feeling ok . She wants me to change from .175 mg to 150mg. I was on 150 but was so fatigued.

February 17, 2016

The state of stress in small doses need to test every person because it makes us look for a way out of the problem. Without stress, life would be boring. Due to stress the human body acquires new useful qualities which are necessary for the struggle for existence. For example due to stress reactions develop antibodies in the fight against infection. While on the other hand, if all people currently living under the yoke of stress is reduced human performance, the body weakens and loses its strength, ability to solve problems.

Stephanie Palmer
February 16, 2016

This is priceless information which is free. Are people valuing such information or even trying the techniques themselves?

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