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Hope and healing for a breast cancer journey

October 5, 2012

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November 6, 2012

Hi…I am Katya…I am here to let you know that now there is a way to get breast cancer help. You can connect directly to medical doctors researching to find a cure at Also, you can look at different clinical trials recruiting people providing free medical care to those who may not be able to afford it. Thank you and let’s fight breast cancer together!

Jane Dsouza
November 22, 2012

I want to add something very interesting. The latest news suggests that there is a simple blood test that can predict the occurrence of the breast cancer. The Cellsearch blood test also there is another one blood test that predicts the re-currence of breast cancer.

pat taylor
October 22, 2012

hi my name is pat
i got breast cancer 25 year ago i am still hear it has come back
but i am not giving up i want to live so i will
i have had 34 chemo.s the hair is back
not bad cus thay only gave me 12 weeks two live 3year ago
stay strong
pat x

October 19, 2012

Many women suffered Breast cancer we Hope and Healing for Tnis Breast Cancer Journey

October 16, 2012

Many have seen their near and dear ones suffering due to this disease. It takes a lots of emotional support factor to make the patients feel normal. They always think that someone is neglecting them. But ladies overcome all these factors.

October 6, 2012

My wife had a bi-lat mastectomy in October of last year. I started researching and reading various blogs of women who have BC. My research brought me twitter where I found many women with BC that were willing to offer help. My wife at this point dies not feel the need to connect with other women with BC at this time (not her favorite subject. I showed her the information on your new books and surprisingly she was interested in reading it. I plan to purchase it for her when it is available.

Prince Gebauer
October 6, 2012

I have been hearing and reading about breast cancer and how they originate from breast tissue. Unfortunately my Aunt happened to be one of the victims and while I was so focus on searching for cure and prevention I discovered that even male humans can be a victim of this decease. I thought it was hilarious but I would never dream or imagine having this kind of decease in my whole life.

Alicia Parente
October 5, 2012

Wow. Takes a strong person to look back and accept why things happened. Must of us want to but don’t. Xoxo

October 5, 2012

The journey is so unique, yet we can all find a common theme that the uncertainty is a major part of having cancer. Unfortunately, we lose some to the disease but we remain grateful for those who survive. Thanks for sharing, these posts brings hope to others.

Dr Gia Sison
October 5, 2012

Very nice blog. Empathy is best. These are the simple things in life we forget and just make us realize such after “painful” events but hats off because it indeed makes us much stronger.Thanks for the courage in sharing,very inspiring!

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