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Going Mediterranean to prevent heart disease

March 6, 2019


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February 7, 2019

thanks for the blogs very useful and grateful too

January 28, 2019

Hate to break it to you but Quinoa is nit Mediterranean, it has been cultivated for centuries in Peru. And Colombia

Agus Susanto
January 26, 2019

Good articel for me…

January 25, 2019

This is nothing new, written about countless of times. Perhaps we’re going overboard in discussing the Mediterranean diet. Let’s not forget that two items high in saturated fat and cholesterol, cheese and red meat, also form an important part of the diet of people bordering the Mediterranean, as I learnt through my travels in Italy, Spain and Greece. Yet these are glossed over in an all-out praise of the Mediterranean diet.
Another point comes to mind is that it’s Japan, not a Mediterranean culture, that has the highest longevity rate in the world. Why don’t we talk more about the Japanese diet?

January 25, 2019

ummmmm, aren’t Italy, the land of mozzarella (dairy) and pasta (grains) and France, the land of butter, also MEDITERRANEAN???!?!

Jeff Williams
January 21, 2019

I had Gastric Bypass in 2005 and I used to weigh 396 pounds. I now weigh weigh 220 pounds and I keep watching my weight. I had a stent put in prior to the WLS and I just had a valve replacement surgery this past week and I am told one way to eat for the WLS (Protein First and then fruits and veggies) . With the Mediterranean diet I am told to eat fruit and vegetables and I am limited on how much I can eat so I don’t want to gain my weight back or stretch out my stomach back out and I want to get the proper nutrients that I need because I go to my surgeon every 6 months to have blood work to see if I have the nutrients that I need. What should I do?

January 20, 2019

It amazes me how people rationalize to go on believing as they do. When Harvard Medical Center does the research and advises people not to shovel heavy snow, especially when the temperatures are low and as we age this advise is fact based truth.
Don’t read the social media and believe it. Harvard, Mayo Clinic, NIH fact based sources.
BSN worked 45 years.

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