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Coping with coronavirus anxiety

March 12, 2020

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Roberta Pocceschi
March 22, 2020

Is there any information for those who feel they may have been exposed (EX: a fellow employee having been tested and awaiting results) ? Are there measures that can be taken to lessen the effects of the virus before symptoms begin? Such as supplementation, nasal decongestants, bronchodilators, etc.

Debby Roberts
March 21, 2020

My special needs daughter has downs syndrome and in a assisted living center. I went to check her out last Saturday for a visit, and bring her home. They would not allow her to leave. So I got to visit with her inside only at the front door, she was well that day. But now I don’t know! Tried communicating with nurse through text and she would not respond. This facility is not the best, it is non-profit, and I don’t know if the state of OK LA helps out or not, workers only make minimum wage. I am worried to death about her and the other clients. I pray every day for for her and everyone else in the world. Everyone everyday needs to pray.

Albertina Geller
March 21, 2020

These article will help a lot to people who are afraid of the virus and struggling with anxiety. Try to be at home & avoid misinformation about the virus.

John Wilson
March 18, 2020

Prayer…..focus on our loving God….Jesus said “Fear not…” and “Cast your cares upon Him for he cares for you”…God Bless!

Pallavi Shori
March 13, 2020

The exact term for the third measure of controlled breathing, is ‘Pranayam’, to be accurate. It is a Sanskrit word, wherein ‘prana’ means energy and ‘ayam’ means control, that is performed with aim to control one’s body energy via conscious breathing.

There are many types of pranayama. Though herein only Square or Box breathing been mentioned, whose exact term is ‘Sama Vritti Pranayam’. Other than this, other pranayama like ‘Anulom Vilom’, ‘Bhrahmari’, ‘Kapalbhati’, and ‘Ujjayi’ pranayama etc. can help us relax and even strengthen our body immunity too.

Amy Gethings
March 16, 2020

Buddhism doesn’t own breathing.

March 22, 2020

Unfortunately for me having no light at the end of the tunnel, no words of an end in sight makes it near impossible for me

Henry Smith
March 13, 2020

Social media is also responsible for creating unnecessary hype and building anxiety among us. The more we keep ourselves away from staying updated frequently and indulge in other activities keeping precautions in mind, the better it is for our health.

Marc Kaufman
March 12, 2020

With a fatality rate that appears to be about 6.6% in Italy, does anyone know if IPPB treatments are being used or if it would be of some benefit to help maintain airways at an earlier stage or may be better to say at the onset of Pneumonia? Thanks

Sarah Matheson
March 12, 2020

I’m not down-playing the effects it might have on the elderly or children, but people are making it out to be a lot worse than it really is. My co-workers are constantly reading about it and sending updates to everyone which makes me wonder if COVID is more viral online than it is in real life!

Btw, here’s a few more tips for anyone living in the city. Buy a pocket hand sanitizer for taking public transportation and avoid large crowds. And if you have roommates, Clorox wipes and an air purifier can help the spread of germs as well.

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