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Coffee may help your skin stay healthy

November 2, 2018

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M Athar
November 27, 2018

I cannot drink coffee without Sugar so I restrict my daily consumption to two cups a day.

After reading York Somerville’s comments I thought that someone is saying what I wanted to ask, that is, can you train everyday to undo the bad effect on health of over-indulgence?

November 26, 2018

Thanks for the new information

Francisca karegi
November 26, 2018

Am pleased to hear this new benefit, I heard before that coffee dries your skin and feared it.I have the best coffee flavour around me,I will continue enjoying the drain.

York Somerville
November 26, 2018

Its interesting how coffee has gone from bad to good? Personally now 76 years old, I have drank on the aversge 4-6 cups a day for over 50 years. I have (sorry) no doctors in my life,and yes no health concerns.

Since we are talking health, let’s include anorobic exercise, most of my life in the landscaping business i performed many hours of excerise while soaking in that vitimain( D.

Years of motocross,mountain biking, triathlon, running, and today still cycling at high levels for my age.

Being a triathlete taught me one very important thing, they were over training, I believe stressing the body almost every day, with no enough time to recycle is damaging your long term health and increasing chances for injury.

As I watch my favorite sports from football to motocross to gymnastics, personally I see these athletes are driving themselves or being driven to extreme levels is why there are so many injuries.

When does the body recover, if you train all week then compete on the weekend? Possibility less training, could create better performances and less drug use?

Yes, drink more coffee.

Alyssa Owens
November 26, 2018

We value our health, clearly. There is some terrific medicine now for treating all sorts of serious health problems. However, there is not enough PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE out there. You write about the benefits of caffeinated coffee and exercise and yet, there is never any mention about smart personal care and other product choices. Take “air fresheners” for example. They are composed of countless harmful chemicals. These days, even medical facilities, dental offices, public restrooms, HOTELS EVERYWHERE, supermarkets and big box stores, department stores are destroying real air with dangerous fragranced chemical concoctions. Can’t you do something BIG about this? Can you get this message out in a BIG WAY to hotels, esp the ones in Boston which are near the hospitals??? I recently got very sick prior to major surgery. I was forced to stay at a hotel that used air fresheners as well as perfumed bedding. My surgeon even said something about how I looked better after the surgery even when I was still in recovery– I had acute toxic symptoms from the products at that hotel near Brigham and Women’s where my bladder was repaired. Something must be done. The MA Nurses Assoc has a site that provides info for Fragrance Free Policy. EWG posts info on Fragrances. See Dr Anne Steinemann. These perfumed products from candles to detergents to air fresheners are making people of all ages and sizes sick and sicker. Cancer is connected with exposures as are gut problems and Asthma, heart problems, too Thanks for listening but above all, please HELP!

November 26, 2018

Very interesting! However, what type of coffee do they refer to? Do you only get the benefit if you drink proper coffee bean coffee (plunger/ coffee machine) or does it apply to instant coffee, too??

Michael Adamson
November 26, 2018

Until I was 17 years old, I had only drunk water. Then I began to drink black coffee with one spoonful of sugar – at age 36, I decided that salt and sugar were not good for the body, so I stopped taking both, I am now a healthy 76 year old man, but 11 months ago, due to high cholesterol, I had a heart attack. I refused to accept it and paced the house and terrace for 2.25 hours before sweat convinced me that I should go to hospital, even then I didn’t want the fuss of an ambulance, so my wife drove me there and I sat in reception while she reported my condition. On reflection my actions were stupid, but I have made an amazing recovery. Was it the fact that I only ever drank coffee?

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