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An omnivore’s dilemma: How much red meat is too much?

January 02, 2020


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Peter Harris
January 08, 2020

The advice of the Annals of Internal Medicine’s to Americans to carry on consuming red and processed meat at current amounts certainly lacks the clarity of scientific logic, including elimination of statistical biases. However this Harvard Report states that certain levels of red meat consumption increase the risk of death which is total nonsense: death is certain! Surely you mean the risk of premature death.

Pip Moss
December 31, 2019

This is the kind of clear, precise, and evidence-based information on healthy living which I love and is so rare in the world. What we need is people in the sciences translating top research for us, thank you for this blog.

Jeff Greene
January 02, 2020

Listen to DrRhonda Patrick’s Found My Fitness podcast: Does meat consumption cause cancer? You cannot draw conclusions from studies that don’t consider lifestyles of the participants. Are there studies where all other factors are considered like exercise, diet, sleep and alcohol use?

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