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Calcium scan concerns

Coronary artery calcium scans tend to be quite accurate. Unlike some other imaging tests, the results are unlikely to be either falsely negative or falsely positive because the results are literally black and white (the calcium shows up as white on the scan). (Locked) More »

Can home remedies help my sciatica?

There are numerous home remedies that can help ease pain associated with sciatica, including using hot or cold compresses, taking over-the-counter pain relievers, and moving and stretching. (Locked) More »

COVID-19 and flu season: What to expect

Doctors are very concerned about how the COVID-19 pandemic and the approaching flu season will affect high-risk people. Experts stress that getting a flu vaccine and continuing to follow behavioral changes introduced during the COVID pandemic, such as mask wearing, hand washing, and physical distancing, can offer effective protection against the flu. (Locked) More »

Don’t get upset about indigestion

It’s common for indigestion to become more frequent and severe with age, a condition called chronic dyspepsia or recurring indigestion. While most flare-ups can be treated with over-the-counter remedies, people can stop recurring problems by adopting lifestyle measures, such as reducing stress, avoiding excess alcohol, quitting smoking, losing extra weight, and eating smaller meals. (Locked) More »

Opioids after heart surgery: A cautionary tale

In one study, about 10% of people prescribed opioid pain relievers following heart surgery kept taking them for three to six months—a time point when no one should still be experiencing pain from the operation. More »

Speaking up about orgasms

Two sexual problems that can arise with age are anorgasmia (the inability to achieve an orgasm during sex) and delayed orgasm (in which it takes longer than usual to climax despite proper stimulation). While men may be reluctant to discuss an orgasm problem with their partner or doctor, there are ways to manage the conditions, such as medication, therapy, and mechanical stimulation. (Locked) More »

What do Twitter posts say about statins?

Many Twitter posts that mention statins provide links to published research about these cholesterol-lowering medications. Some tweets feature personal beliefs about statins that are inaccurate, including the notion that people can eat unlimited unhealthy foods while taking a statin. But only a small percentage of Twitter posts mentioned adverse side effects such as muscle aches and diabetes. (Locked) More »

How to get your prescriptions when you can’t leave home

There are many ways to have prescription medications delivered right to one’s home, such as using a grocery delivery service or finding a drugstore that contracts with a courier service to make home deliveries. Online pharmacies provide medications by mail. While convenient, prescription delivery has drawbacks, too, such as delays in receiving medications, or missed packages if the recipient isn’t home at the time of a delivery. When ordering prescription refills, it’s best to order well in advance, such as day 21 for a 30-day prescription. (Locked) More »