Staying connected can improve your health

Research shows that loneliness may have ill effects for health. Social bonds can fray as people age, particularly in times of stress such as after the loss of a partner or in cases of illness or disability. Taking steps to reconnect can not only help improve social life, but can also help protect health over the long term. More »

How false assumptions about weight may affect your health

Obesity can affect a woman’s health, even when they’re otherwise healthy. Feelings about weight may prompt some women to skip needed appointments or avoid preventive care. In addition, health care providers may be prone to weight bias, and that may result in women with obesity receiving substandard treatment. (Locked) More »

Antibiotics: Part of the cure or part of the problem?

Studies show that antibiotics are overused, a problem that can lead to antibiotic resistance and unnecessary medication-related side effects. To prevent misuse, it’s important to take antibiotics only when they’re truly needed. Sometimes this means waiting a few days to see if a condition improves on its own before initiating antibiotics. (Locked) More »

3 simple strategies to get the most from your yoga class

Not all yoga classes are created equal. Participants should find the right class and instructor for their needs. A little diligence in choosing the right class and making sure the instructor is aware in advance of any pain or medical conditions can help ensure a good experience. (Locked) More »

Your complete guide to choosing a yogurt to meet your needs

Yogurt is a nutritious food that can bring health benefits if a person chooses the right kind. Amid the many choices, the best option is one that has low sugar, high protein, live and active cultures, simple ingredients, and a taste that makes the product appealing. More »