Why having a pet is good for your health

Having a pet—particularly a dog—has been associated with lower heart disease risk factors and greater longevity. The reasons for the connection might be that healthier people are more likely to get pets, or that owning a dog encourages healthier lifestyle choices and provides a source of love and companionship. (Locked) More »

Medicines to prevent breast cancer

Certain medications can help lower a woman’s risk for developing breast cancer. Women who are at high risk for breast cancer but low risk of side effects should talk with their primary care doctors—and consult with a breast cancer specialist—to see if these drugs are a good option for them. More »

What the Affordable Care Act means for you

The rollout of the government’s Affordable Care Act (ACA) is expected to have a minimal effect on women who are on Medicare, or who are covered under their employer’s—or their partner’s employer’s—health plan. The ACA will provide women with additional covered health services, including well-woman visits and screenings for breast, cervical, and colon cancers. (Locked) More »