Playing with the fire of inflammation

Inflammation has an important role in how your immune system keeps your body and safe and healthy. Yet chronic inflammation can damage healthy tissues and organs and contribute to heart disease, arthritis, and other health problems. However, diet and lifestyle changes can help reduce chronic inflammation and keep it in check.  More »

Should I know my percentage of body fat?

Body fat percentage provides valuable information about your overall risk for diseases like heart disease and diabetes, but determining your body mass index and measuring your waist size offer easy the best tools for estimating total body fat.  (Locked) More »

Is it always important to get a second medical opinion?

Men should always seek out a second medical opinion anytime they are given a diagnosis of serious illness or a recommendation for surgery. Also, when seeking a second opinion, it is best to visit a different medical center to get a truly independent diagnosis, and to bring along a family member or friend to accurately record the new information. (Locked) More »

Redefining a healthy sex life

Older men continue to enjoy active sex lives, according to surveys. Embracing how his body and mind have changed can help a man focus more on romance, intimacy, and closeness, which can make sex more enjoyable for him and his partner. (Locked) More »

What a personal trainer can do for you

A personal trainer is a wise investment for an older man’s current and future health. He or she can identify fitness needs, teach proper workout form and execution, help to overcome exercise fears, and keep a man motivated to ensure he reaches his full potential during every workout session.  (Locked) More »

The cost of generic and name-brand drugs

There are many generic versions of brand-name drugs available that sell for, on average, just 15% to 20% of the brand-name price. Research has shown these drugs are just as effective as their name-brand counterparts, but patients need to make sure to ask their doctor for generic choices, as it is not guaranteed he or she will suggest alternatives or even be aware of them.  (Locked) More »

The major impact of ministrokes

A transient ischemic attack, or TIA, also known as a ministroke, is a warning sign of a possible full stroke. While the symptoms resemble a regular stroke, they often go unnoticed because they last a short time. But recognizing them can help you seek immediate medical care and possibly protect yourself from a more severe and damaging stroke.  (Locked) More »

Gum disease may signal warning for pancreatic cancer

Research has found that people with high levels of the oral bacteria Porphyromonas gingivalis had a 59% greater risk of developing pancreatic cancer. It is too early to say whether this specific bacterium directly contributes to the disease. However, one theory is that since inflammation is related to cancer, the bacteria could cause inflammation in the pancreas. Another possibility is the bacteria are simply a marker for cancer-causing inflammation.  More »