Osteoporosis Part II: Prevention and treatment

Resistance exercise, such as walking or weight training, is the best way to protect the body against osteoporosis. Calcium is crucial for bone strength, but high calcium intake may put a man at higher risk for prostate cancer. (Locked) More »


Millions of Americans get sinusitis each year. The key to a quick recovery is proper drainage, which is best achieved by staying hydrated, inhaling steam several times daily, taking decongestants, and sleeping with the head elevated. More »

On call: Tests for statin users

I am pretty healthy for a 73-year-old, but my cholesterol is 280, and my doctor wants me to take Lipitor. I'm willing to do so, but I need to know what tests I should have to be sure I'm not getting side effects. What do you suggest? (Locked) More »