Mini strokes are a maxi problem

Transient ischemic attacks (TIAs), while seemingly insignificant, often lead to strokes within a short time span. If you experience a TIA or have symptoms that suggest one, take it seriously and seek treatment right away. (Locked) More »

Angiotensin inhibitor or blocker?

For people who need medication to lower blood pressure, there are two types of drugs available. ACE inhibitors have been available longer than ARBs. They are comparably effective, though several ACE inhibitors are available in generic form. (Locked) More »

Surgery or angioplasty for opening a clogged neck artery?

Those with a narrowed carotid artery have a choice between two procedures to clear the blockage: endarterectomy or angioplasty. Although it is less invasive, the risk of stroke is higher following angioplasty, making it the riskier choice for most people. (Locked) More »

Triglycerides: A big fat problem

Triglycerides contribute to atherosclerosis, usually (but not always) in combination with other factors. Triglycerides can be lowered by making lifestyle and diet changes, though some people also need a medication. (Locked) More »

Heart Beat: Pedometer-powered walking

A pedometer is an inexpensive tool that can help promote fitness by measuring a person's steps. Being aware of how much one is walking acts as a motivator to walk more. (Locked) More »

Heart Beat: New blood sugar measure

The American Diabetes Association has set a standard for measuring blood sugar that expresses the information in two different forms, corresponding to the way the reading is given in medical tests and also in home testting. (Locked) More »


Brief updates on tingling stents, Alzheimer's disease and blood pressure, exercise as medicine, and vascular disease in women. (Locked) More »

Ask the doctor: Is this pain from my heart?

Every now and then I get a sudden, sharp pain on the left side of my chest, like a knife. I get a little dizzy, and then it disappears as quickly as it came on. Even though the test results were fine, it still scares me. Should I be concerned about this? (Locked) More »