Could hypnotherapy help you?

Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis to treat any number of mental or physical health problems. Hypnosis turns your attention inward. Usually, you enter a trance-like state and, with the guidance of a hypnotherapist, you can start to control or alter your thoughts, feelings, and physical state.   (Locked) More »

Three steps to build a better back

Brisk walking works many muscles that support a strong and healthy back, such as the muscles in the thighs, calves, abdomen, hips, and buttocks.  Image: Thinkstock Strengthening, stretching, and improving posture will go a long way toward reducing back pain that comes with age. (Locked) More »

Should you go organic?

While organic foods have fewer synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, and are free of hormones and antibiotics, they don't appear to have a nutritional advantage over their conventional counterparts. More »

Tips for evaluating hospitals

Thanks to the Internet, people have many tools to help them evaluate hospitals they may potentially visit. Tools include magazine rankings, patient reviews and surveys, and government websites. (Locked) More »

Exercise: A promising treatment for dementia?

New evidence presented at the July 2015 Alzheimer's Association International Conference suggest that aerobic exercise may be able to protect the brain from Alzheimer's disease and other dementias, and improve quality of life if people have the disease. More »